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between the bars [23 Sep 2005|04:11am]
between the bars

drink up, baby, stay up all night
the things you could do, you won't but you might
the potential you'll be that you'll never see
the promises you'll only make
drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days
do what i say and i'll make you okay and drive them away
the images stuck in your head
people you've been before that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
i'll keep them still
drink up, baby, look at the stars, i'll kiss you again
between the bars where i'm seeing you
there with your hands in the air waiting to finally be caught
drink up one more time and i'll make you mine
keep you apart deep in my heart separate from the rest
where i like you the best
and keep the things you forgot
the people you've been before that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
i'll keep them still

-e. smith
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Tech Itch Recordings Presents... SPL - The Death EP [12 Sep 2005|01:41am]
Tech Itch Recordings Presents... SPL - The Death EP

Strait from the dark side of my mind, featuring artwork from Khoma and Vince.

The tracklist includes:

It Won't Stop
Deus Ex Machina
Grey Dream

More info to be announced.
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[13 Aug 2005|03:08am]
Limewax & SPL European Tour Late November Early December '05 Book Now!!!

Image hosted by

SPL+Limewax European Tour!!!
We are now taking dates for late November/early December. If you want damage from us, you know who to talk to...

Contact Robyn at Anger Management for bookings.


TEL: + 44(0)7949 319 721

FAX: +44(0)1179 075 362


Image hosted by


A little info on Limewax:

Limewax doesn't like to be thought of as a child prodigy, but he is, despite his protests, the young Einstein of the Anger / Tech Freak posse. At only 17, he is already producing tracks on par with the big guns, and holding his own in the sickness department! Born in 1988 (!) he was weaned on hardcore vodka and babushka's in Russia and the Ukraine until the tender age of 11, where he then moved to the smoker's paradise that is Holland. A classically trained pianist, he began his descent into the griminess of drum and bass through listening to radio shows and breakbeat and ambient. Soon after his 11th birthday, he received some old equipment and began to mess about with atmospherics, and wrote a few symphonies (yes, symphonies - we're talking a young Mozart here!) and soon moved from old beaten up Roland's to getting his head around reason at age 15. From 15 to now has been all hard work, perspiration and ahelluva lot of inspiration! Limewax's tunes are reminiscent of the dark sci fi landscapes of Technical Itch, the driving dark funk force of Dylan, like a hybrid love child - he is easily one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Europe this year, and without a doubt will remain so for the years ahead! With the soon to be released E.P. on Tech Itch Recordings, as well as tracks such as, The Lawra, Eye's of Evil (a personal fave with the gabba-esque, no-holds-barred attack in the middle of the tune), as well as the ≥Slave to Life≤ and ≥Life of Sin≤ remixes, not to mention all the collaborations with partner in slime SPL (!!)... Limewax may be young in age, but will rock the dance floor like a long established pro!! Mark my words, it is only the watch this space!!!

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Forthcoming tunes from Limewax ...

Eyes of Evil/The Lawra

-Tech Itch:
Changing Crisis EP:
Changing Crisis
Cracking Core
Complete Door

Tech Itch & Mc Jackes - Life of sin (limewax Rmx)

-Tech Freaks:





Ritual Station/The Limit


A little info on SPL:

SPL (aka Sam Pool), originally from Oregon USA, started his career in music by playing drums in his early teens. From this he was instantly hooked on creating music. Unable to ever find a band to join and with a growing thirst for electronic music he tried downloading some simple midi software and began programming beats and melodies on his parents computer in the family room. Inspired by artists in drum and bass and IDM, he was instantly hooked on the idea of composing entire pieces of music from his head. From that point on, it was just a constant quest for more ways to express himself.

Over time SPL got his hands on more software and continued moving forward with his music. Always critical of his sound and never satisfied, things just kept moving forward while he perfected his skill. At the tender age of 15, SPL went to his first rave and was hooked on dance music from there. He began djing in his bedroom and within 6 months began playing regular gigs in the local rave scene spinning anything from techno to drum and bass. He soon found that drum and bass was the only dance music that kept his interest.

After being bitten by the dj bug he started working on producing dance music at home and as music software technology developed he found that he could do everything he needed to to improve his skills on a minimal setup. A few years, and an updated studio later, his music was being noticed on a global scale and after hard work and refining of his own sound he was picked up by Tech Itch Recordings with rmx work and an ep due out. Soon after he caught the attention of Dylan and was invited into
the Freak / Anger family as well. From this point onwards, SPL continues to improve his sound - striving to push his own vibe on the drum and bass world. Currently working with artists such as Freak and Tech Itch's own Limewax and side projects with Bill Laswell, audio engineering college in Amsterdam and his own ambient/industrial side projects in the works, 2005 looks like a strong year for for the young Oregon soldier. With this much achievement at the age of merely 20, the future looks brighter, (or should we say darker), every day for SPL.....

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Forthcoming tunes from SPL...

-Tech Itch:
The Death EP:
It Won't Stop
Deus Ex Machina
Grey Dream

-Tech Itch:
Rmx EP:
Technical Itch - Elevation (SPL Rmx)

Muffler - Embrace (SPL Rmx)


Possession vs. SPL - Sick Inside
Possession vs. SPL - When the Angels Kiss

-Bill Laswell featuring VA:


Us Against the World LP

-Outbreak Ltd:
Urban Revolt vol. 2 EP

-Outbreak Ltd:
To the Teeth

For Love of the Game
Let the Dead in

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[02 Jul 2005|03:24am]
Well, things have change enormously, I have been using lately for my internet communications but i figured it was time for an update...

Check this badboy out. Really proud of my Embrace Rmx. Had a dream about it and it all just clicked...


A. SPL - Bullets
B. Muffler - Embrace (SPL Remix)

Image hosted by


Tech Itch Recordings Remix EP...

Technical Itch & Dylan - The Legend (Evol Intent Remix)
Technical Itch - Heavy Metal (B Key Remix)
Technical Itch - Elevation (SPL Remix)
Technical Itch feat Jakes MC - Critical Switch (Infiltrata & Hochi Rmx)

Image hosted by


Us Against the World

'Us Against The World' - The first long player from Renegade Hardware's sister label shapes up to be a ground breaker with contributions from the future of DnB artists. A carefully assembled collective of producers have turned this project into a monster! A truly international affair with artists from South Africa, all over the UK and across the USA. This album cements the label as something very exciting and a platform for hard working future minded artists.

The LP stretches itself across amen mayhem to techno intensity - Definitely something for all the dance floors to shake to. It comes at a time where the artists are really looking to push themselves and the sound they are making, going even further into their field to bring you an arsenal of breaks and bassline's. 'Us Against The World' really is the feeling on this ground breaker.

Image hosted by

A. 'Us Against The World' - Infiltrata & Demo

L.A head Infiltrata hooks up with Demo from Seattle to bring us the title track of the album. 4/4 breaks switch into roughneck modern DnB breaks its 'Us Against The World' like the vocal says... unadulterated defiance.

B. 'Way Of The Samurai' - Spor

Spor follows his monstrous remix of 'Messiah' with face melting pressure taking on the discipline of the samurai. Spor chops and attacks breaks like a true warrior, pushing the boundaries with his production but yet not forgetting the dance floor. Spor scores big with this beast, the future certainly looks dark.

C. 'Edge Of The Earth' - Evol Intent
Well if this is what the 'Edge Of The Earth' would sound like we should be grateful that it's round! As Evol Intent once again tear up the rule book with cutting acid lines, loud breaks and atmospherics... and thats only the intro. Into the first drop we have serious twisting b-line action, morphing and moving like water yet with the massive resonance of sub-bass, all peppered with idm editing that has manifested itself in Evol's productions. Second drop... well watch the pattern of the b-line change... about to leap off the 'Edge Of The Earth' indeed.

D. 'Violence' - T.Z.A
T.Z.A comes with the ruffage. A wicked bouncing break is working alongside distorted bass stabs, accented with longer notes of dirty reese. T.Z.A is truly taking no prisoners with this sophomore release for Barcode. The listener is taken into the first drop with a steady kick roll before the vox announces 'Violence' perfect summing up for the direction of this monster.

E. 'In Effect' - Psidream & Pacific
Hard techno rollout from Psidream & Pacific, both have made dents in drum 'n' bass with their clean rolling style. They come correct for Barcode with this filthy head banger, a wicked tool for DJ's. Watch this work the dance floor into some dirty peak time action.

F. 'Gateway' - Counterstrike
Counterstrike deliver they're first release for Barcode, and what an immense tune it is. Slamming breaks collide with dirty bass lines, a true dance floor track that draws you in from the first drop and never lets go.

G. 'Horns & Halos' (Ewun Remix) - Evol Intent
Evol Intent's 'prodigy' Ewun steps up to the challenge of remixing one of Evol's filthiest tunes, and the battle between good and evil rages on as breaks, vox's and basslines, nothing is left unedited. This is going to be a massive remix of an already massive tune. The second drop? It's time to say your prayers.... Amen!

H. 'Realize' - SPL
Barcode's A&R has had a watchful eye on this producer for a while now and it's all paid off with this slamming Technical Itch style track. A sweet atmospheric vocal runs over this hard hitting track with more breakz per bass line than you can handle. If your into the darkest of dark break-ridden drum & bass, your going to buy this album for this track alone.


Destructive new mix from me, enjoy my fellow dnb headz.

Rescue Me - Mixed by SPL


SPL - Intro
TZA - On The Inside [Obscene]
Gein - Laceration [Moving Shadow]
Photek - Smoke Rings [Photek]
Limewax - Cracking Core [Tech Itch]
Ewun & Evol Intent - 8 Bit Bitch [Evol Intent]
Technical Itch - Hex [Penetration]
Technical Itch - Critical Switch (Infiltrata & Hochi Rmx) [Tech Itch]
Limewax - Untitled [...tbc]
TZA - Violence [Barcode]
Limewax - Complete Door VIP [Tech Itch]
SPL - Realize [Barcode]
Counterstrike - Death Star [Algorhythm]
SPL - Bullets [Disturbed]
Silent Killer - Armada [Outbreak]
Technical Itch & Dylan - The Legend (Evol Intent Rmx) [Tech Itch]
SPL & Possession - Sick Inside [Possession]
Technical Itch - Life of Sin (Limewax Rmx) [Penetration]
SPL - Death [Tech Itch]
Limewax - Devil's Lullaby [...tbc]
Limewax - The Lawra [Freak]
Technical Itch - Inner Journey [Penetration]
Technical Itch - Elevation (SPL Rmx) [Tech Itch]
Muffler - Embrace (SPL Rmx) [Disturbed]
Su3ject - Rage (Counterstrike Rmx) [Trickdisk]
Limewax - Emato [Obscene]


Dedication Crew... for hosting and support!
Limewax... My favorite producer and one of my best friends, the future is yours!
Animal Chin from Counterstrike... Badass mofo, serious tunes!
Evol Intent... Showing the world how the states do it.
TZA... Northwest USA producer doing things more than properly.
Tech Itch... I don't think I need to say anything, but thanks for the support man, keeping it real year after year!!!

Bookings contact: or
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[29 Nov 2004|11:44pm]

"Sinuous Recordings Update

Watch out for the hottest new duo on the scene, Southampton based Propaganda (React & Buckley). Their 1st release is 12" 'Gunrunner' & 'Life Like' which is signed to Sinuous Records. These guys are being supported by some of the scene's finest and they're set to pave the way for 2005. Also Sinuous's newly discovered artist SPL, who is only 19, has emerged from Oregon, USA. He is currently studying in Amsterdam and making regular visits to the UK, working on projects with the Sinuous crew. Sinuous's 9th release is SPL's 'For Love of the Game' and 'Glimmer'. These tunes have received serious support from the likes of Evol Intent, Bkey and many more.

Also, Sinuous are planning a tour of the states early 2005. Starting in New York and tearing their way round to Seattle, Kano will be touring alongside new signing TZA and in conjunction with his Record label Polyrythm and partner Syze.

Sinuous are soon to launch their new and even darker designed website, which will include downloadable mixes and Mp3's, artist profiles and interviews, plus much more!.

So you've been warned!"

-Courtesy of
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Propaganda [02 Nov 2004|05:20pm]
[ mood | Sinuous ]

Following the hugely successful release `Carpet bombing ` by Jarman aka Raiden , Sinuous Records are proud to present Propaganda`s (Gunrunner & Life Like) . React & buckley form this exciting new duo, rising from Southampton & workin closely with raiden & Kryptic Minds . Propaganda bring the futuristic techno slant that Sinuous Records are so renowned for .

A. Gunrunner/ A.A Life Like
To put this simply, With "Gunrunner", Propaganda have directly tapped
into the sound of 2004 and lock down their place among drum and bass'
new school. A masterpiece of organized chaos, the A side is a
relentless slab of pit bull funk that is surely able to rock floors
worldwide. Crisp drums and tearing bass accent mind-bending song
progression to make a must-buy for the connoisseur of roughneck
jungle. Although "Life Like" is a well put together number, there is
no question that "Gunrunner" is here to stay.

You can now hear mp3 clips from new website from back cat to dubz .
As well artist info and Sinuous events

Distributed by Nu Urban Music


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Polyrhythm Recordings [02 Nov 2004|03:46pm]
If your looking for some hot NW DnB, check TZA's label out. The Northwest's best source of drum and bass. Keep an eye out for these guys, their releases are gonna smash it. On top of this, their new website kills it. Check it here, sign the guest book... don't sleep on this.
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Boxed Interview [31 Oct 2004|02:22pm]

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Long Overdue [26 Oct 2004|04:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, I have arrived in Amsterdam after a month long holiday in England. I had a blast in the UK, probably the busiest month of my life. Thats not saying much as I am one to relax a lot. But still, I put in many hard hours of work. I played a party in Cambridge which was very successful, the crowd was feeling it. I also started 6 new tunes with Kano, Dynamic and DeFine. I can't wait to get back into the studio and finish the mix-downs. I return to England for the weekend to play another party in Cambridge (Dynamic's birthday party). It has been a blast this last month. Things are really different over here. A lot more crowded than what I'm used to, but it is healthy to stretch yourself. From now on it should be easier for me to keep this page updated, seeing as I have internet access at the Institute. I will have things more properly taken care of as soon as my studio arrives and is set up. I'm looking forward to hearing back from the livejournal massive. Let me know how things are holding up.

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New mix by SPL - Leaving Home [15 Sep 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | Rinsed ]

SPL - Leaving Home [click here for mp3]

01 SPL feat. Kontagious - Intro
02 Calyx - Inner Distance
03 Concord Dawn & Ill Skillz - Unreal
04 Fresh & Fierce - Innocence (Hive Remix)
05 SPL - Into.Future
06 Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds - Mutants (B-Key Remix)
07 Faith in Chaos - Possession (Tech Itch Remix)
08 SPL - Realize
09 Raiden - Arch Angel
10 Pish Posh - Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent Remix)
11 SPL - Passive Aggressive
12 Dom & Skynet - Rhino
13 Evol Intent - Horns & Halos
14 Kosheen - All in My Head (Tech Itch VIP)
15 SPL - Glimmer
16 Black Sun Empire - Breach
17 Kemal - Bleed
18 Wink - Evil Acid (Gridlok Rmx)
19 Dom & Kemal - Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K Remix)
20 John B - Broken Language (John B Mix)
21 Muffler - Gene Mutation
22 Muffler - Cold World
23 Jarman - Flat 32
24 SPL - High Desert
25 Calibre - Waiting

SPL - Leaving Home [click here for mp3]

Thanks to TZA from Polyrhythm Recordings for the hosting and being the up and coming strongest force in Seattle Drum & Bass.

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[27 Aug 2004|11:13pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


crush:ed dnb & sucka punch present:

ohm's new thursday night beathead party!!!

this week, september 2nd, 2004...
crush:ed dnb proudly presents:

SPL (barcode / sinuous / boxed dj agency)
Bend, Oregon's own SPL is blowing up fast! With tunes already signed to Sinuous (Kano's imprint) and Barcode (Renegade Hardware sister label), SPL's future is looking bright. His tracks have been getting support from Evol Intent, Subwave and Plejik just to name a few. He'll be headed off to Amsterdam soon after this show so we bid him farewell with a propa pdx blowout!


RUKKUS (oops / crush:ed)

EVERY WEEK 10pm - 12pm

SUCKA PUNCH (left of center hip hop)

31 nw 1st
21+ w/ ID

don't forget to tune in to crush:ed drum 'n' bass radio every 1st and 3rd saturday from 1pm to 3pm on KPSU 1450am (all of portland) / 98.3fm (on campus) / (live stream worldwide)

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Sorry about the neglect. [23 Aug 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

For a brief update... I am playing the ohm club in portland on the 2nd of september. I also have a tune coming out on Barcode Recordings early next year, for their 7th release!
Peace, Love and Basslines

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Sinuous Feature in Knowledge Magazine [09 Aug 2004|01:31pm]
[ mood | sore ]

From Knowledge Magazine August 2004, Page 49-

"The pages of this magazine have seen many an older, more established names complaining that the scene is full of new drum & bass labels. While they're almost certainly right in one respect, at least in the sense that there's probably more crap out there now than ever, you can't help thinking there's a touch of paranoia creeping into their mindsets. Apart from the fact that creation of new imprints can only be healthy for the scene in general, of course the real pillars of the scene have little to worry about for now. But if there's one label they should be keeping an eye on, it's Kano's Sinuous Records.

After years chucking everything he has into drum & bass while sleeping on mates' floors or staying at the YMCA and playing for peanuts just to get a gig around his local area of Bedford and the midlands, Kano is moving up the ladder of success at an alarming rate. It's partly down to sheer persistence - the gig schedule has gradually transformed itself from beer money fees and local shows to take in slots all over the country and indeed the world - and partly down to some very wise decisions made in the early stages of the birth of Sinuous.

Not strictly a brand spanking new label, Sinuous has been establishing itself over the last 18 months or so as one of the most reliable and exciting producers of d&b with a futuristic techno slant. Releases like last year's 'Transformed' EP by Tricorn (aka Lynx & Raiden) helped put Sinuous on the map, although it's Raiden's 'Carpetbomin' single, with its combination of ravey energy and polished techno sonics, that will probably put Sinuous yet another rung up the ladder when it's released under his alternate nom de tune, Jarman, this month.

"It was quite hard to put our finger on it at first," says Kano when we catch up with him on a recent day trip to London, "but yeah, there's definitely a SInuous sound developing. Because for us it's a case of just putting out what we like, it's taken a few releases for it to become clear. It's definitely for the dancefloor, that's very important, but hopefully it's not too obvious - hopefully there's something else in there that people can catch on to when they listen to the tunes a few more times."

Rave and techno influences definitely form the backbone of their vital, frenetic sound, but at the same time the Sinuous sound is more subtle and varied than some of the very literal 'reinvention's' of the genres doing the rounds at the moment. For Kano, it's been a case of finding like minded souls who share that vision, whether it's around the corner - like St Neots duo TKO, whose Infrared single 'Rolf Harris' was a serious seller, and who will shortly be contributing to the Sinuous catalogue too - or further afield.

Building networks has been Kano's modus operandi from day one, really, from hooking up with many of the South Coast scene's most respected names like Skynet, Killer Instinct, Skinny, Lynx & M-Code and others at Airtight studios in Chichester. "It was just luck really," he laughs now, "I stumbled on it through a friend who I sent on a recon mission to seek out talent in the area - He found a studio so I went to have a look and was lucky enough to find everyone all under the same roof."

Sinuous have plugged into a now truly international scene, a relationship he's hoping to cement with the release of tracks by South African artists and a host of American acts including Infiltrata, SPL, Origin and Skyler, in the coming months. But it's still early days, and Kano's happy to take things one step at a time. "There have been times when we haven't put anything out," he says, "because nothing seemed quite right for what we wanted to do. AIM [the instant messaging software so often praised in these pages recently] has changed all that though. Now I turn the computer on in the morning and there are 15 tracks there waiting to be heard."

It also means that gigs like their forthcoming all-nighter in Rotterdam - hooked up via the Dutch PRSPCT crew - turn into an excuse to fly their mates in from all over the world and get down to the serious business of partying. Oh, and it's good to have a few mates with green fingers, too. "Yeah," laughs Kano, "some guys helping out on the party have won the High Times Cannabis Cup three times. I think they might have had a hand in those legendary laminates that rock bands used hide their stash in, too."

Ah yes, the importance of friendship can never be underestimated. Er, what was your name again?"

WORDS by Ben Willmott

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Beat Freakerz Ball [21 Jul 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | Insomniac ]

Beat Freakerz Ball on NorthwestTekno

Friday, August 13th, 2004
Bend, Oregon


three hour jungle tag team set featuring:
SPL - (Sinuous.UK/Boxed Agency)Bend -
KONTAGIOUS - (Konkrete Sounds 88.1)Eugene

Doppelganger - (Eucalyptus)Minneapolis

Carl Silver - (Unaffiliated)Eugene
breaks & techno

B.Pozitiv - Bend

Pipedream - (Syndicate Recordings)Eugene -

Wonder - (Unaffiliated)Bend

Germaine Jones - Bend

This is a costume party. Freaky attire is highly recommended.
$10 without costume $5 with costume - Music starts at 8 p.m. and plays till 8 a.m.
for the love of the music. for the love of the dance. for those with their speaker romance.
put on a costume. put on a mask. an evening of enchantment is our communal task.
come one come all we're freakin' at the freakerz ball!

Venue TBA
Infoline: 541.388.1478

Beat Freakerz Ball (it's a costume party!)
Friday August 13th in Bend, OR
$10 w/ costume, $5 w/o costume
Info: 541.388.1478

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CANCELED!!! [Sea][8.18.04][18+/21+]BARON//Aaron Simpson vs. SPL// Tremor @ THE CATWALK! CANCELED!!! [20 Jul 2004|02:28am]
[ mood | disappointed ]



[Sea][8.18.04][18+/21+]BARON//Aaron Simpson vs. SPL// Tremor @ THE CATWALK!
The The Catwalk Club in association with Tytan Studios is proud to present:


DRUM + BASS // Breakbeat Kaos // Baron Inc // CIA ·· UK

Aaron Simpson vs SPL
DRUM + BASS // Tytan Studios // Next Level // Seattle WA
DRUM + BASS // Sinuous Recordings - UK // Boxed Agency// Bend, OR

DRUM + BASS // Quake // UK

DRUM + BASS // Rhythm Mob //Seattle



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Boxed Agency [13 Jul 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | Rinsin' ]

Good news! I am now affiliated with Boxed Agency, an LA based DJ Agency with quite a roster.
2004 BoxedAgency DnB Artist Roster:

UK/EU Artists

Raiden - (Renegade Hardware // Off Key Recordings - UK)
Kryptic Minds - (Metalheadz // Defcom Records – UK)
Leon Switch - (Metalheadz // Defcom Records – UK)
Cause 4 Concern - (Virus // Metro // Red Light - UK)
Chris Su - (DSCI4 - Hungary)
Danny C / Twisted Anger - (Metalheadz // Dread Records - UK)
Frenzic - (ATM Magazine - UK)
Stakka - (Cargo Industries - USA/ UK)
Kano - (Sinuous Records // Commercial Suicide - UK)
Counterstrike - (Outbreak Records // Cell Recordings - South Africa)
Phono - (Leet Recordings - UK / Sweden)
Pyro - (Leet Recordings // Nerve Recordings - Denmark)
DEFine - (Sinuous Records // Imperial Records usa - UK)
Youngman - (Technique Recordings - UK)
Rawkiss - ( - South Africa)
Mark S - ( // BoxedAgency - UK)
Mega - (BoxedAgency - UK) Squarewave - (BoxedAgency - UK)
Rowl - (BoxedAgency - UK)


US Artists

Syntax - (Futuredrumsound Recordings // BoxedAgency - LA)
Infiltrata - (Payload Records // Cargo Records - LA)
D.Echo & Sabotage - ( - Denver)
Dykast – (Gain // G2 // Spawn // Ohm Resistance – Dallas)
Lith - (Imperial Recordings // BoxedAgency - LA)
SPL - (BoxedAgency // Sinuous Records uk - OR)
Defiant - (Armada Recordings // OHM Resistance // G2 recordings - LA)
Stakka - (Cargo Industries - NY / UK)
Tig Glad - (BoxedAgency - LA)
E21 - (::SCENE:: // BoxedAgency - TN)
Origin - (G2 // IS Recordings// Gain Recordings // P51 - LA)*
Alder - (Progress // IS Recordings // G2 Recordings - LA)
Audio D - (BoxedAgency - LA)
Jo-S - (Taciturn Records // Demogrfx - LA)
Natural Kauses - (Freeburning Records // Futuredrumsound - LA)
Datcyde - (Taciturn Records // G-Force // Konkrete Jungle - N.Y.)
Primo - (BoxedAgency - LA)

Karl Cutta (mc) - ( Progress - LA / NZ )
Audio Angel (mc / vocalist) - ( Bassment // Eclectic // STS9 // - SF )
John Dada (mc) - (Payload // Imperial // Cargo - LA)


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Keepin it On [05 Jul 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | Locked and Loaded ]

Check it out on northwest tekno!

Flyer brought to you by Imagination Foundation

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POTD [29 Jun 2004|01:57am]
[ mood | Rinsed out. ]

Planet was a hoot. The party was off the hook... decent turn out... good djs all night. Aaron Simpson rocked it. Unfortunately the system started to die halfway through my set, so by the time Planet was up the sound was toast. :( It was great to meet the crew though... wonderful cats. Amazing djs. The boise kids were wonderful. Thanks to MFR for hooking it up. It was good to see familiar faces. It was good to meet new ones. Most of all, thanks to Jake for his wonderful flyer, his amazing hospitality. And thanks to all the Bend cats who drove 6 hours out of their way just for the SPL throwdown. You inspire me!

Picture Courtesy of Imagination Foundation. Click Here!

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[23 Jun 2004|11:23am]
[ mood | Rinsed out. ]

Let the hard note hit.
Planet of the Drums or bust!

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[16 Jun 2004|01:25am]
[ mood | Rinsed out. ]


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